One Park Row, Providence.
401-499-4942 (cell)
401-295-5002 (ans. machine)

15 years of loving service
in Providence.

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New Dates

Medicinal Mushroom Presentations

Every Monday night 730 - 845pm

Eyes of the World, Providence, RI
Mon June 29, 7:30 - 8:45pm

call 499-4942 for more information


Why? For inflammation, pain relief, concentration, athletic ability, arthritis, depression, SAD, Lymes, cancer and so many other ailments

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New to the studio?
Why study yoga at Eyes?

Experienced, master teachers teach here. Our extraordinary group of carefully selected teachers bring something fresh and interesting to every class. (read more)

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Explorer Pass:
Any 4 classes within 15 days for $29
Available to new students only.
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One month Unlimited Yoga,

Drop in at the door
$16 all classes
$75 for 5 classes, good until July 29.

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"Mellow" refers to how much the body moves in a class, fewer poses.
"Moderate" means that there is moderate amount of movement and energizing postures.
"Vigorous" means that there are many postures and movement in a class.

Where did the name "Eyes of the World" come from? What is its significance?"

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Huge Party
Eyes of the World Yoga will host
the Grammy nominated
Bhakti House Band
Aug 15, 7 - 830pm
at the Unity Chruch, Benefit St
tickets $25, $35 door
call for group sales

Yin Yoga Retreat
with Jenn Thomas
Sun June 26, 1 - 4pm
$39 early, $49 on Jun 21


Huge Party
Eyes of the World Yoga will host
the Grammy nominated
Bhakti House Band

Aug 15, 7 - 830pm
at the Unity Church, Benefit st

tickets $25, $35 door
call for group sales

tickets available next week.

We will be having a Graduation for this year's amazing group of Yoga Teacher Trainees! Sat July 18, 530 - 7pm. This Teacher Training has been one of the best years ever!

Huge Goodbye Party Aug 15!

Rumors that the Grammy nominated, extraordinary Bhakti House Band from Austin Texas is coming to town and playing a farewell goodbye party for Eyes! We Love Kristin and Randall here in PVD!

Time is precious.

Every day is fleeting.

First Law of the Universe is Impermanence.

Dont miss a single Eyes class
from here on out.

The next few weeks will probably be the most powerful classes of all.


Thank you all for your kindness, dedication
and support all these years.