One Park Row, Providence.
401-499-4942 (cell)
401-295-5002 (ans. machine)

Four month Unlimited Yoga
One month Unlimited Yoga

14 years of loving service
in Providence.


Holiday Kirtan
and Potluck Party

with Bryna René
Sat Dec 20, 6 - 8:30pm
$10 by Dec 19, $15 after


bring a veg dish if you like!

Holiday special: any new medicinal mushroom tea and coffee customer gets $16 credit towards yoga classes. Discover how it can support your health, support your yoga practice and support your yoga studio.

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Organic Coffee + Medicinal Mushrooms doesnt harm your body, doesnt make your heart race, doesnt eat the calcium out of your bones and joints, doesnt exhaust your kidneys and adrenals. Tastes amazing, gives you focused concentration that isnt jangly, is medicine for your body, giving you kidney and adrenal strength. Please buy two boxes of coffee, lower the shipping cost per unit and we will purchase the other box if you decide you dont like it. So far this hasnt happened.

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(will say Annalee Neary, that's ok. It helps Eyes)

Thai Shiatsu Bodywork
with Debbie Bourque
at Eyes of the World

Eyes of the World Yoga
is 14!
March 20, 2000: The legal work was signed, lease, design and construction of Eyes began. First class was Oct 1.

with Tom Gillette, Brandon Burns
Gina Law & Usha Bilotta

Sunday Jan 18, 630 - 800pm
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For yogis, meditators, athletes:
Medicinal Mushroom Tea,
Coffee and capsules.

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New to the studio?
Why study yoga at Eyes?

Experienced, master teachers teach here. Our extraordinary group of carefully selected teachers bring something fresh and interesting to every class. (read more)

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Explorer Pass:
Any 4 classes within 15 days for $29
Available to new students only.
Click "Sign Up Now" under pull down screen.

Four month Unlimited Yoga,
$89/mo, $356

One month Unlimited Yoga,

No contracts to sign, no credit card autopay that keeps charging you, no fine print,
no "30 day written notices to cancel"

Drop in at the door
$16 all classes
$75 for 5 classes, good for one year.
$140 for 10 classes, good for one year

Community Yoga Classes $8 suggested
Short Form Yoga, 45 min, $8

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"Fundamentals" means a workshop style class that stops and teaches poses.
"Mellow" refers to how much the body moves in a class, fewer poses.
"Moderate" means that there is moderate amount of movement and energizing postures.
"Vigorous" means that there are many postures and movement in a class.

Free water. Isn't it time for all yoga studios to do the right thing.

Parking suggestions. Summer time: Lots of free easy parking everywhere.

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Where did the name "Eyes of the World" come from? What is its significance?"

Rhode Island Monthly: "For the Devoted Practitioner...this crowd knows how to have fun."

Yoga Journal "Eyes of the World is an oasis amid the frenzy of downtown Providence."

Eyes of the World
Best Advanced Yoga

Since every business in RI now has a "Best" designation, doesn't it lose its meaning?

Lotsa must see Links

Yin Yoga
& Meditation Retreat
Nourish Your Spirit

with Jenn Thomas
Sun Dec 14, 1 - 4pm
$39 by Dec 13, $49 after


Winter Solstice
Candlelit Flow

with Usha Bilotta
Sun Dec 21, 2 - 4pm
$20 by Oct 31, $25 after


Shamanic Sound Activation

with Brandon Burns
Sun Dec 28, 6:30 - 8:30pm
$25 by Dec 28, $30 after

Thai Yoga Workshop

with Debbie Bourque
Sun Jan 18, 1 - 4pm
$39 by Jan 10, $49 after


Shoulder Anatomy and Asana

with Ed Cardinal
and Jude Monteserrato

Sun Jan 25, 1 - 4pm
$45 by Jan 17, $60 after