Eyes of the World Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
with Tom Gillette, Shannah Green
and the other Eyes of the World Teachers

Rigorous and intellectually challenging, university-level program with certification accredited by the Yoga Alliance. If you are serious about your yoga,take the best training possible. The manual is outstanding and only available to participants.

The Eyes of the World Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive 2-part program leading to certification.

To become a certified Eyes of the World Vinyasa Yoga Teacher enroll in both sections:

Section 1 - 150-hour In-Depth Training,
Section 2 - 50 Hour Apprenticeship leading to Certification
This was a life changing experience. There was a strong balance of information, postures, anatomy and philosphy. I appreciated your light hearted and very human approach. This truly wonderful experience was made more so by your careful selection of people.
Michael Rich, Feb 2002
I came to Providence to study art, but on a deeper level I think I was drawn for another reason. Somehow, I knew I would find something more profound, a way of compassion and truth. With this teacher training I have undergone a transformation that is hard to describe: thought provoking, mind boggling, fascinating. I feel different, empowered, liberated. - Emilie Lee, Feb 2002
The Certification Program - sections 1 and 2, is for those who know they want to teach and want to be certified. This program is a unique opportunity to receive a comprehensive training, apprenticeship and mentoring in Vinyasa Yoga and or a Mellow Yoga style. If accepted into the program you will work closely with one of the best yoga teacher trainers in the country. This 200 hour certification program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. In reality, most participants who have completed this program have upwards of 700 hours of "contact time" with Tom. This program greatly exceeds the minimum requirements of the Yoga Alliance. Click here or the Certification button above for full details of the curriculum and prerequisites of the Eyes of the World Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification program.

If you are already a certified yoga teacher or someone looking for a deep training and experience in yoga Tom has made available Section 1 - 150-hour In-Depth Training of the Eyes of the World Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training as a stand-alone program. Upon completion of the 150-hour In-Depth Training you will have a deep understanding of Vinyasa Yoga along with a full appreciation of the history of Indian yoga, a study of the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Dhammapada and other important scriptures in the Indian and Buddhist traditions. Click here for full details of the curriculum and prerequisites for the 150-hour In-Depth Training.

Welcome to the next step in deepening your knowledge and experience of the Yogic Approach to Living.
I learned to see unity where I once saw diversity in myself and others. I learned the power of language. This training is intense....the most well informed, challenging, loving teacher training available.
Lesley Deslauniers, Feb 2002